Basic overview of a 87-93 clutch install

Raise vehicle as high as possible, both front and rear if possible

Drain transmission (lower bolt on passenger side, 3/8 drive wrench fits the square hole)

Shoot some penetrating oil on the cat-back bolts and the H-pipe to header bolts and the crossmember/h-pipe hangers

Remove driveshaft by using a 12-point 12mm wrench on the 4 bolts and LOTS of leverage

Remove O2 sensors

Unbolt cat-back

Remove H-pipe (pre-lube the hangers to make things easier)

Remove the shifter by removing teh knob, pulling up and removing the trim plate, and removing the 4 bolts holding the shifter on (8mm I think)...pop it with a screwdriver from under the car if necessary.

Disconnect clutch cable from fork by removing inspection cover and pressing fork forward to release tension on the cable, slide cable end over to hole and out

Undo the speedo cable and electrical connections from trans

Support transmission and remove crossmember

Remove the bolts holding trans to bellhousing

Shift trans rearward and then down and out of the car

Remove the bolts holding the bellhousing to the engine

Remove the dust plate

Now you're staring at the pressure plate, shift fork and t/o bearing.

Unbolt the pressure plate and be careful, the assembly is not drop

remove pressure plate and clutch disc.

If changing flywheel, unbolt it and remove it.

If changing pilot bearing (good idea while you're here) remove flywheel and use a puller or the hydraulic method to remove pilot bearing, replace with new one and tap to seat.

Clean all surfaces with brake cleaner, do not under any circumstances leave any trace of oil or grease anywhere on the contact surfaces of the flywheel, cllutch, or pressure plate

Install flywheel if removed, using RTV on the bolts.

Using a clutch alignment tool, install clutch disc and pressure plate. Tighten pressure plate bolts evenly and just a little at a time, taking several passes around to fully tighten. You don't want it getting tightened down crooked.

When PP is tightened you can remove alignment tool

Reinstall clutch fork and a new throwout bearing. Lube the face of the bearing where it contacts the clutch fork

Edit: Remember to reinstall that dust plate/shim

Reinstall the bellhousing. Be sure to lube the ball stud where the clutch fork pivots

Lube the snout of the trans where the T/O bearing rides on it and prepare to reinstall the trans. Put it on a floorjack and have a helper get it in place, unless you're strong enough to bench-press 75 lbs of ornery machinery and finesse it into place

It'll go almost all the way in and probably not seat. Reconnect the clutch cable and have a helper step on the clutch while you seat the trans the last little bit

Bolt the trans down and basically reverse the removal process from there.

Fill the trans with 2.5 q of Mercon/Dexron ATF through the shifter opening before installing shifter. Use a thin bead of RTV aruond the shifter opening before installing.

Use Loctite Blue and plenty of torque on the driveshaft bolts

Use anti-seize on everything else exhaust or tranny related to make it easier next time.